Thursday, December 1, 2016

Favorite Polls

I had asked my viewers to vote on whether or not students should have homework over the weekend. Most of the viewers voted no on my poll. If you really think about if homework over the weekend could help you, you would probably choose absolutely on my poll. Of course, only one person did this. My poll tells the viewer most students would rather play than do homework. But if students have a test on Monday, you might want to study over the weekend. The weekend is for kids to relax, not study. This is why teachers should not have tests on Monday's. They should also not assign homework over the weekend, but should also expect students to remember the things they taught them. This makes a little bit of homework over the weekend is good. In conclusion, teachers should assign a small amount homework over the weekend, but should not have tests on Monday.


  1. Hi Trevor,
    Were you surprised by the results of the poll? There have been some very good articles out lately about homework. I think you would find them interesting. Check this one out:
    Your blog is a disco party!

  2. Hello trevor. cheack out my blog.