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Hello, my name is Trevor Bennett and I also use the NXT bricks. I got my first set for my 10th birthday. I love them and I love being able to program them. I feel like a genius who just made a crazy invention. If you would like to visit my blog, go to

 2. Ali's Blog
Hi Ali, my name is Trevor and your post reminded me of a group project I had to do but a group of my friends got me in their group but they didn't do anything. I talked to my teacher about it and I got transferred to a different group and I got an A on my project. If you would like to check out my blog, visit

3. Ren's Blog
Hi Rens,
I really like your picture you made. I would enjoy knowing how you made that. I would like to have a longer conversation about how you did that. To visit my blog, go to

4. Wyatt's Blog 
Hi Wyatt, my name is Trevor. I am also a huge fan of Star wars, but I can't get the Star Wars Battlefront because I have the Xbox 360, instead of the Xbox 1. Please visit my blog at

5. Colin's Blog
Hi Colin,
My name is Trevor I like the picture you made of the bears and ghosts and snowmen. Please visit my blog at

6. Nichola's Blog
Hi Nichola,
My name is Trevor and I also love to surf. I usually like to surf at Mondos, or Staircase in Malibu. I agree with your post about how you will get hurt surfing, and my dad has gotten stitches on his head surfing. Please visit my blog at 

7. Josie's Blog

Hi Josie,
My name is Trevor and I love the animals you talked about. I have heard about the Blob Fish, but I have not heard about anything else you talked about. Please visit my blog at 

Hi Mcdowell! I also love Reese's Peanut butter cups. My mom and I love to eat them. What's your favorite candy? Please visit my blog at

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