ESBC '16

Activity 1
Images and Attribution/Creative Commons:
People love to draw things, and once you draw something, you have the one and only copy. You might want to sell it or give it to a friend, but there is only one copy that exists. Now, let's say you make a picture online, you can make exact copies of that and can sell one or give one to a friend, and you can always have more. If you send one to a friend, then now have the power to copy that and sell it or even change it. This is illegal unless the original owner of the picture allows you to change your artwork. If you do not ask the owner if you can change his/her picture, this is called copyright and this can make the owner very upset. Do not copyright.

Activity 2
Image result for interesting landscape design

Once upon a time, a little 10-year-old kid named Jimmy found a treasure so great, he would have the power to do anything. When Jimmy was walking home from school, he noticed something different about his driveway. There was a small crack in the middle of his driveway. He decided to not worry about it and go and do his homework. Then, the next day, Jimmy found that the crack had turned into a glowing hole. He deliberately didn't tell his parents about the hole and crawled into the hole. Jimmy could not see where he was going due to the bright light, but he kept going. After about five minutes of crawling, Jimmy crawled out of the hole and saw an amazing head carved into the hillside. He stared at the head until his focus was lost by a small creature ran past him. Jimmy caught up to the creature and stopped him. Jimmy recognized the creature from school and realized with great curiosity, that it was a faun, a half man, half goat. Jimmy asked the faun why he was running and he told him he was being chased by the Minotaur, a half man, half bull creature. Jimmy then asked where he was, and the faun laughed and said they were in Ajax. Jimmy asked what the faun's name was and he said his name was Ryder. Suddenly, the Minotaur burst out of the trees. Jimmy let out a small sequel before Ryder grabbed his hand and told him to run into the mouth of the face in the hillside. While Jimmy and Ryder were running, Ryder explained that there is a secret power inside the face, and only fauns can enter. The Minotaur wants to capture Ryder and make him enter the face along with him. Suddenly, Jimmy phases out and he sees a cave in the hill. After he recovers, Jimmy sees a cave appear in the hillside right where he imagined it. Jimmy and Ryder duck inside the cave and watch the Minotaur run right past them. Ryder stares at Jimmy with complete astonishment. Jimmy asks why he's staring and Ryan answers that there is a prophecy that says someday, a young man will enter Ajax and he will have the power of making things appear. Ryder is positive Jimmy is the young man in the prophecy. If Jimmy is truly the man of the prophecy, he is worthy of the great power in the head in the hillside.  

You can finish this story in your own words and say what will happen to Jimmy, Ryan, the Minotaur, and if Jimmy will take the secret power.
How many endings can you come up with?
Which ending is your favorite?

Please leave a comment on an ending so you may finish the story.

Activity 3
Image sentence:Image result for basketball
Image result for basketball foul
Image result for basketball free throw

Basket Academy 
BBC Sport Academy Basketball
Free Throw GoldenStateOfMind

Can you guess what this image sentence means? Post your answer below.

Activity 4

Image story:Image result for hawaii']
Image result for surfing
Image result for wipeout surfing

Image result for going of to surf
Image result for catching a wave gif

Hawaii Tourism Post-Race Explorations
Mallorca Surfing class Epic Experience
Winter Wipeout:Surfing
Va surf-Imagen de stock
Dolfin drops in on surfer's wave

Can you guess what this image story means? Post your answer below.

Activity 5
My own picture:

Do you want to show off your own picture?
Post your picture below.

Activity 5
How to comment:
I really enjoy commenting on people's blogs because when you do that, you get to know a little bit about that person, and you can speak your mind on their posts. Commenting can also be annoying because when you have a lot of comments, you want to read all of the, but you don't like how long it will take. When this happens, I advise you to read them little by little. This way, you get to read all of your comments and you won't be up all night reading comments. When you comment, try to find a post that you enjoy reading or that inspires you. If you find your posts haven't been getting the best comments, try to figure out what the person who commented on your posts wants. Most of the time, they find a small mistake you can fix in a minute.

Good comment starters:

1. Hi______.
2. Hey_____.
3. I really enjoyed_____.

Good comment sentences: 
1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post about _____.
2. Hey, I loved reading your posts, but have you considered _______.
3. Hi, your post about ____ really inspired me...
4. I really enjoyed your post about ____.
5. Hey, your post about ___ is great but _____ is wrong, and here's why.

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