The Bitting
During a dark and stormy afternoon, the trees swayed back and forth, and the wind howled. Jackson’s family just got home from their weekly hour-long church service when a long ringing sound filled the car. They quickly realized it was Jackson’s mom’s phone. The call came from Jackson’s best friend Noah’s mom.

She stated, “ I just got a call from my boss, and he wanted me at the office right away. Do you think you could watch Noah for a while?”

Jackson’s mom answered, “ I would love to have Noah over. The boys could airsoft at the top of our neighborhood.”
After Noah got to Jackson’s house, the two boys started their ascent to the top of Jackson’s neighborhood like an airplane ascending into the clouds.

Once they got to their destination, Jackson stated, “Man, that walk felt like it would take a million years.”

“So where is this great, flat, open area to airsoft?” Noah stated sarcastically. The boys looked around for about five minutes, and they finally found the perfect place to airsoft. They set down their guns, loaded everything, and got ready.

“I think I should start on the left side, and you start on the right,” Noah explained. Jackson agreed and they got into their positions.

Once the boys were ready, Noah yelled,”Let the games begin in 3...2...1!”
The miniature balls of plastic whizzed past Jackson’s face as he fired in return. Suddenly, a long shshshshsh sound filled the air. At first, he thought in was just the wind rushing past his mask like cars rushing past a building. Jackson thought hard before looking down and seeing a massive rattlesnake about five inches from his foot.

“Snake!,” Screamed Jackson. He ran over to Noah and told him what happened.

“Maybe you should call your mom,” Noah suggested.

“Good idea,” Jackson responded.
Jackson called his mom and stated,”Hi mom, we need you to pick us up, we saw a snake.”

“What!? What type of snake was it!?” Cried Jackson’s mom.

“It was a rattlesnake,” Jackson responded. Jackson’s mom told him to wait on the street, so she can go pick them up.
Once Jackson’s mom came to pick them up, she stated,”You guys will not airsoft up here for a while.” The boys agreed.

Suddenly, Jackson screamed,”I’ve been bitten!” Of course, he was joking, or was he?

Satellites, weapons, or trackers?
Have you ever wondered if a satellite is watching you at all times? Well, satellites can't watch everything you do, but it can monitor what you do on your device. This can be very scary, but it can also help with things like seeing where you are if you were kidnapped. If your phone was stolen, this could tell you where it is.
The satellite also helps for spying on enemies. It can show our military if they are planning an attack. Right now, the military does not have weapons on their satellites, but the idea in very close to being true. When this happens, the USA will be able to defeat our enemies without sending in troops. This would save the lives of millions of people. The only problem with this soon to be fact, is that the person controlling the satellites would have a lot of power. If that person wanted to, they would be able to do anything.
The person controlling the satellite would have so much power. Power like that can lead to a corrupt person. Once the satellite is made, the government would have to choose very wisely on who would be in charge of it. This person would be able to defeat all of the government's enemies, and that person would also be able to defeat all of their personal enemies, even if that person has not done anything wrong.
The satellite with a weapon, would have an advantage against our enemies, but it also has a disadvantage againAst ourselves. All in all, a satellite with weapons will help our country greatly, but it could also be our downfall.

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